About Us

Bartenders have expressed frustration with the tasks of cutting fruit. Many say that it takes time, lots of waste, always wondering about freshness, costs are going up and a whole host of other issues when dealing with lemons, limes and other citrus fruits for cocktail and beverage flavoring.

Bakers and pastry chefs have always wonder how to add a dry ingredient that delivers a mellow tartness without the pucker or sourness profile that overpowers their pastries, confections and breads. 

Jam and jelly makers who pride themselves with extracting the full sweet flavors of fruits, wonder how can they brighten the flavors, deliver a tart punch but not change the fruit essences of their pectin desserts. 

Kroose has solved this problem to help bartenders, pastry and confectionery chefs and everyone else with a quick and shelf-stable solution that makes it the perfect compliment as a go-to for adding a kiss of tart to any food, dessert and beverage. This is Kroose Tart. We have invented the category known as 'tartener'. 

Kroose is the leading manufacturer and brand of tart flavoring food & beverage additive products in North America under the brand name Kroose® Tart, which utilizes its own proprietary process and formula. Kroose provides flavorful solutions for customers across many industries including restaurants, caterers, bakers, bars, home chefs and more.

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