Thank you for your interest in Kroose Tart. We are very excited to have new wholesale customers interested in our products, and we're here to help!

Our wholesale options make it possible for retailers who specialize in food & beverage retailing from brick & mortar stores the opportunity of carrying Kroose Tart on their shelves. If that's something you'd be interested exploring more about please let us know how big your order would need to be before making any commitments so we can customize pricing accordingly!

Our wholesale option is available through Handshake 


Or contact us for any inquiries info@kroose.com 

Kroose is registered trademark of The Kroose Company which means wholesalers cannot resell our product on Amazon. As a registered brand on Amazon, we reserve the right as well as exercising it periodically with no notice or warning whatsoever if anyone is reselling our products sold under our trademarked trade name "KROOSE" without permission from us first via any platform (eBay included).